About CEF

CEF is an association of United Methodists and persons from other denominations who have responsibility for Christian education or faith formation in any of its diverse forms, in and beyond the local church.

Our mission:

To develop leaders in faith formation to equip people of all ages to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

An Interpretation:

As Christians and leaders in faith formation, we must be attuned to how God is moving in the world. We cannot ignore the needs of God’s children and the struggles of God’s people wherever they may be.

We believe that Christian discipleship must be a way of life, a life of service to God and God’s people. It is not something that only happens on Sunday or within the confines of the church building, but must be lived each day wherever we may be.

 CEF is a place for peer learning, utilizing the tools of the day and meeting the needs of the day. Costs shall be reasonable so that we may best support one another as we all struggle with limited budgets.

 Nimbleness is important so that we may quickly adjust to the changing times even as we stay true to the faith that has continued for millennia.

 The vision of CEF is a place of connection. It is a place for leaders in faith formation to come together to worship God and strengthen one another for our ongoing ministry. We believe we must continue to learn, to gather and to pray together so that we may pass on the faith with sincerity and conviction.

 CEF is committed to build up leaders in faith formation so that people of all ages join together in the life of Christian discipleship.